Invest in Dubai

Is investing in real estate in Dubai worthwhile?

Investing in Dubai is worthwhile if the budget available to the client is tailored to market demands, we are always talking about important figures.

Daniele Pescara Consultancy’s unique investment methods, as well as information on how to invest in Dubai, are provided through the main credit institutions of the United Arab Emirates.

Before addressing the issues related to how to invest in Dubai and what are the best investments, we would like to specify that Falcon Advice and the offices of “Daniele Pescara Consultancy” do not and have never operated in the field of investment in the real estate market.

It is our duty to make this concept explicit, as a considerable part of the web searches are carried out in relation to the intent of obtaining information on how to invest in real estate in Dubai.

The reasons why Daniele Pescara Consultancy does not deal with this sector lie in the choice to specialize in the branch of incorporation of companies in Dubai. Real estate in Dubai is a high risk investment that very often is not worth taking.

How to invest correctly in Dubai

Our agency, far from what is boasted by supposed professionals in the sector, would also like to remind you that 80% of the frauds in Dubai have real estate as their object.

Falcon Advice and the offices of “Daniele Pescara Consultancy”, as well as the entire staff of employees, distance themselves from most of the promoters of real estate in the United Arab Emirates, especially with regard to the sales formula: “Off-plan property”.

Working closely with merchant banks and commercial banks, we are able to offer the best investment products on the market directly and without intermediaries.

By contacting “Daniele Pescara Consultancy” you will be provided with quality information about where to invest in Dubai and the best investment methods. These investments range both in the asset and production sectors and are only released on the market by financial realities regularly registered at the DIFC (Dubai International Financial Centre) website open source: ” “.

Established in 2004, the DIFC is a 110-hectare district of Dubai and one of the largest global financial hubs in the Middle East, Africa and South East Asia (MEASA) markets. DIFC has an independent and autonomous judiciary, global financial exchange and favourable tax regime.

What kind of investments do you recommend in Dubai?

“Daniele Pescara Consultancy” currency for selected clients, securities listed exclusively on the balance sheet at “Level 1”, therefore liquid. Therefore, it does not deal in “Level 2” and “Level 3” securities.

All placements taken in analysis by “Daniele Pescara Consultancy” are of the “Investment Grade” type, which indicates investment instruments considered reliable by institutional operators.

Below this level you enter the world of high yield instruments, i.e. high risk instruments, characterized by low rating levels that reflect the danger of default or insolvency.

The ratings of issuers of this type of product are those between Aaa or AAA and Baa3 or BBB.
For Standard & Poor’s, North America’s leading equity index, irating Investment Grade include AAA, AA+, AA and AA-.

Companies rated in this category have a very high ability to repay their loans, so they are considered the most secure in the market.

Companies rated in this category have a very high ability to repay their loans, so they are considered the most secure in the market.

We would like to emphasize that our agency will rate high quality investment shares for selected investors.
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