Who I Am

My name is Daniele Pescara, I’m Italian and I manage the coordination of international investors in Dubai.
I was chosen as the main Italian businessman in Dubai, by the most famous business magazine in Italy: “Millionaire” and selected as a reference point for Italians in Dubai by GULF NEWS.

“Daniele Pescara Consultancy” is the multiservice office, originating from FALCON ADVICE, and is the reference point for Offshore and Onshore companies establishment in the Persian Gulf and the linked financial services.

The economical changes of 2008 caused by the global financial crisis and those in 2020 because of COVID-19, have changed the investors’ perception: “companies, individuals, freelancers and families”, that never wanting to be in danger again, they decide to relocate to safer destinations, both logistically and financially.

Even if Dubai, like all the countries of the world, has been seriously affected by the economic reorganizations previously listed, it has been able to react, proposing itself even more to that elite clientele, which is looking for a hub where to feel safe and be able to operate from an economic point of view without worries.

“Daniele Pescara Consultancy” is therefore the multiservice office accredited directly with the main special tax areas and business banks of the United Arab Emirates, it is not an intermediary, but an organization that offers its market autonomously and directly.

Our certifications and assignments, given to international customers with the formula: “One stop shop”, therefore allow you to have a one-stop shop offering the following

what we do

Companies Estabilishment

Bank Account


Financial Servicies

Payment Methods

what we don't do

Real Estate



Venture Capital