Focus of the Business

Behind a service, there is a businessman: he is Daniele Pescara.

The difference between those who excel and those who are mediocre is very simple, go beyond the service itself, then create value.
If an entrepreneur does not create value, he cannot be defined as such, therefore he cannot excel in what he does.

The “social” mission of the company is the entrepreneur. All the employees of “Daniele Pescara Consultancy” share “the noble purpose of the company”. This has allowed the company to position itself at the highest level of international assistance in the establishment of companies in Dubai and financial services related to them.

Through our “One stop shop” office, it is possible to start Offshore and Onshore activities, with integrated payment systems in the field of:


licenza per ecommerce

top level

licenza per holding



import / Export

financial trading

bank licenses

& tobacco


Wholesale of non-weapon military

Wholesale of medical equipment

Wholesale of medical machinery

Precious stones not gems

Preciuos metals and general metals

consultant and personal coach

advertising and marketing

business incubator and start-up

“Daniele Pescara Consultancy” is the answer to the most demanding international clientele.

Through the “One Stop Shop”, the company offers, 100% clients’ ownership, company establishments and connected financial services.

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