The Dubai Freezone

The Dubai Freezone are the furthest from the 70% taxes of the Bel Paese, for the approximately 10,000 Italian residents in Dubai and for the over 200,000 companies registered in the Free Zones of the tourist capital of the Persian Gulf alone.

To date, there are about 50, throughout the United Arab Emirates (not only in Dubai).

What are the advantages of the Free Zones?

They are special tax areas, divided by sectors and regulations, but all have one thing in common: taxation.In fact, in these freezers “no taxes are paid”: no corporate taxes, n

o personal taxes, no VAT or taxes on import-export.

They have existed since 1985 and they have never changed direction, unlike the various Italian governments, which have been swinging with their questionable and often grotesque tax reforms.

The reason for their existence is simple: they have existed for more than 35 years with the sole purpose of attracting excellence from all over the world not only in terms of brand, but also in terms of know-how and mindsets in all sectors, and giving these excellence significant advantages.

This is why within the Free-Zones, in addition to the benefits on taxation, there is a whole other series of benefits such as:

  • the low energy bill
  • the low cost of human resources
  • the possibility of hiring foreign personnel
  • personal parking

And many other benefits for companies that intend to move there.
With foresight, the sheikhs have been able to diversify their income, not depending on black gold alone.

That is why for the fiscal year 2020, Prime Minister Mohammed bin Rashid signed the 2019 Public Budget Act No. 12, with an expenditure of $18 billion, making it the largest in Dubai’s history.

But how much does it cost to open a company in a Free Zone?

It depends on the type of service offered and the operations the client wants to have.

A trading company will have different characteristics from those of a consulting company, but to be followed by accredited professionals the basic service starts from about 20,000 Euros and for a year there will be no other headaches.

For the “basic package” that “Daniele Pescara Consultancy” suggests, there is no minimum share capital payment.

0% personal

0% corporate


SMEs account for over 94% of all companies operating in the Emirates, with 73% in the wholesale and retail sector, 16% in the service sector and 11% in the industrial sector. The number of companies classified as SMEs exceeds 350,000 and over 86% of the workforce in the private sector represents 60% of GDP.

Do I need to know the list of Free Zones in Dubai?

For those who are in a decision-making phase, having a detailed list of free zones is rather superfluous, as they all share the same tax advantages.

In the FAQ section, we will provide you with a list of the 27 free zones in Dubai.