Access to Credit

The international economic-financial market is changing rapidly and access to bank credit remains uncomfortable, especially for small companies. Especially for those that do not have a strong capital position, to which we advise against approaching the Dubai market.

The data processed by Falcon Advice, through the offices of “Daniele Pescara Consultancy” revealed that, compared to SMEs, larger companies, for which counterparties have a greater volume of information, pay less for bank credit and have more advantageous conditions in the loan and/or financial instrument used.

In this context, the ability of companies to provide timely quantitative and qualitative notifications on their activity is becoming increasingly important in order to facilitate the bank’s reliability assessment process. The credit crunch has coincided with the development of international alternative finance instruments.

Today, thanks to technological innovation, the condition for obtaining these non-bank financial resources is that companies become themselves active players in the credit market, willing to put themselves at stake in a transparent manner and use their reputation and credibility proactively.

“Daniele Pescara Consultancy” strengthens the services offered, providing its clients with a preventive financial analysis tool that makes it possible to construct a simplified and prospective numerical projection, in order to help companies in their business:

With the inclusion of very few assumptions (in the absence of which it also proposes values in line with the previous year’s amounts or with the same percentage incidence) and with some simplifications (for example, it does not provide for the possibility of including investments):