Press Office

Falcon Advice and the offices of “Daniele Pescara Consultancy” have an internal press office, which, in accordance with the directives of the Strategic Management, takes care of:

  • Managing relations with national and international media;
  • Organising press conferences;
  • Preparing press releases, press kits, replies and corrections;
  • Intervene, in relations with the media, in an instantaneous manner in the event of critical situations or emergencies that require immediate verification and response;
  • Produce news for intranet/internet site and corporate social media;
  • Communicate publications, brochures, campaigns carried out by the Communication Office;
  • Maintain relations with the Press or Communication Offices of national and international bodies;

Any press release is formulated internally through our press office. Unauthorized publications will be subject to verification by our Legal Department.

If the conditions are met, we will proceed in the appropriate offices to protect the image of Falcon Advice and the offices of “Daniele Pescara Consultancy” both nationally and internationally.